Shelley Socolofsky is an interdisciplinary artist based in installation and fiber.  Her work explores the intersection of image, pattern, folklore, and archeology, elements used as platforms to examine and challenge expansionist narratives, replacing them with speculative landscapes.








Wanting to re-negotiate the way in which ritual and phenomenology played out in my work – I began thinking about time and about the millions of repetitive incremental actions required in the making of laborious handiwork – and how this process simulates breath and rhythmic mantra.  And about the power of intention; how thought, energy and wave frequency impact matter – and about agency. This thinking led to significant changes in the way I approach image making and hand weaving.  Emanating first as type of glitch; pattern and process became information and, as such, became essential components informing both material choice and narrative structure.

Consistent across this work is an engagement with the history of textiles as a feminine language.  Intended as subversive gestures to disrupt, these works behave as ornamental charms using the lure and engagement as animating forces.  Consistent too are questions about how we are embedded and implicated within these patterns and narratives.

Employing similar binary and mathematic logic, the work utilizes both analogue and digital strategies, whether as a digital design tool in the larger hand labored tapestries, digital hand-woven Jacquard processes capturing images of moving surveillance footage, or the reflective and refractive characteristics of material choice, each work responds to and grows out of the former, mimicking biological and Cymatic formations.

Anchored in the material world, this work ultimately explores the relationship between matter and the immaterial and speaks to the nature of transcendence.