Urban Prayer Flags

Pattern is information. Whether it be lace, proteins, cities, ceremonies, binary code, languages or maps, all have a crystalline organized structure to them.
Urban Prayer Flags is a series of woven works sourcing footage from moving aerial drone imagery. Mining the geometry and surface strategies of modern surveillance, Islamic architecture and regenerative patterns found in natural and biological forms, this work maps and memorializes history and place currently being erased by warfare and climate change.

Referencing an ancient ‘earth divination’ practice known as geomancy, a practice interpreting site, architecture, and geographical markings on the ground through building placement or through the chance patterns caused by the tossing of soil, rocks or sand, these works function as both funerary shroud and prayer flag at once. Addressing the genre of Landscape and the perception of landscape, they appear nuanced and silenced under day light conditions, yet transforms into a reflective, animated surface with specialized lighting conditions. The geometrical, non-hierarchical, topically rich surfaces become stand-ins for caution signage, warning flag, prayer rug, and material cartography – useful both as signifier and as a source of information.

Scroll, 2017, (29″ x 78″ x 1.5″)
glass and resin reflective polyester, metallic nylon, cotton
digital hand woven Jacquard