Material Turn/ New Work

Scroll (before/after), 2017
handwoven digital Jacquard. 30″ x 75″, glass and aluminum coated thread, cotton
daylight conditions

view at dusk
new work investigating drone imagery and surveillance. This series borrows its title from the Arabic translation Ilm al-raml meaning “science or wisdom of the sand”, referencing an ancient earth divination practice known as Geomancy. Interpreting site, architecture, and geographical markings on the ground through building placement or through chance patterns caused by the tossing of soil, rocks or sand, Scroll (before/after) functions as both funerary shroud and prayer flag at once. Addressing the genre of Landscape and the perception of Landscape, Scroll appears nuanced and silenced under day light conditions yet transforms into a reflective and animated surface upon dusk and dark. The geometrical, non-hierarchical, topically rich surface becomes a stand-in for caution signage, warning flag, prayer rug, and material cartography – useful both as signifier and as source of information.

see this work among others at the forthcoming Material Turn exhibition at FOFA Gallery, Montreal, Canada
April, 2018